Madden 12 Will Be Released

As all of the video gamers out there surely know, the latest installment of EA Sports' Madden football series will be released on Tuesday, August 30, with many places opening up at midnight to celebrate the new release. The game came out later than usual this year due to uncertainty over the upcoming NFL season (its original release date was August 9), and there's still a roster patch that you will need to download straight away when you fire up the game, but the time is finally upon us.

You can see all of the Vikings' team rankings right here, courtesy of those folks from Bristol, Connecticut. Keep in mind, there's no Donovan McNabb on these rankings, but he will be on the Vikings' roster once you download the aforementioned roster patch. The Vikings are currently rated as a 74 overall right now, putting them at the bottom of the NFC North, but that's okay. . .my guess is that that number will be significantly higher by the time this season gets over with.

According to the good folks at PastaPadre. . .and if you're a video gamer that doesn't have them bookmarked, do yourself a favor and remedy that problem. . .Adrian Peterson has been bestowed a rare honor in this year's edition of the game. There was a vote among fans to determine which players would receive a perfect "100" rating in each of five different categories, and one of those 100s went to the best running back in the National Football League. Peterson's 100 rating is in the category of "Elusiveness," a category he won via a vote against the likes of Jamaal Charles (who came in second place in the voting), Ray Rice, Danny Woodhead, and LeSean McCoy. The other "100" ratings went to New England Patriots' quarterback Tom Brady (throw accuracy), Pittsburgh Steelers' linebacker James Harrison (hit power), Arizona Cardinals' wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald (spectacular catch), and Philadelphia Eagles' wide receiver DeSean Jackson (speed).

Any of you folks going out to get a copy of Madden '12 at midnight tonight? If so, feel free to leave your impressions of the game right here for everyone, whether it's PS3, XBox 360, or Wii.


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